Silk Collection

Our silk collection is exactly that:  100% pure silk.  We don't use "poly silk" - a marketing term to describe 100% polyester.  Nothing compares to real silk in how it looks and feels on your body. 

Our silk pieces are strong and resilient, just like you.  Silk is one of nature's original technical fabrics.  The smooth, closed filaments of silk resist dirt well, and many substances wipe off easily.

Whether a you prefer a casual or polished style, our fine fabrics adapt to you.  For a casual look, wash silk by hand in cold water. Skip the dryer; like fine lingerie, this will shrink the fabric and ruin the texture. Simply hang the garment on a hanger to dry.  Wrinkles come out easily with a little hand steamer.  For a polished look, we recommend dry-cleaning.

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