About Us

Our Philosophy

Kinwolfe is grounded in the idea that new motherhood is an important time for a woman. It should also be an empowering time, but often when it comes to the simple act of getting dressed in the morning, it's not. It's pretty common to have as many changes in your body during your 9+ months postpartum as during your 9-ish months of pregnancy. And, even when your old number on the scale comes back, everything is in a bit different place.  Truth.

We create pieces that can be worn from bump to breastfeeding, back to work and beyond.  Our goal is not to make the same thing every other maternity brand is making.  Our goal is to set a new bar for how brands think about women and their wardrobe needs during new motherhood.


The Woman Behind Kinwolfe

Kinwolfe is was founded by Diane Lansinger, a former tech industry manager and mother of two.  Diane launched the collection in 2015 after her own fruitless search for fashion-forward clothing in premium fabrics that work through all the years of motherhood, not just the first few months. 

She says:

"I hit my limit with poorly-designed maternity clothes when I stabbed myself with a safety pin during my first post-partum baby wellness visit.  The nurse asked me to nurse my daughter so she could check our latch.  I hadn't been expecting that at all, and had pinned up my supposedly-luxury maternity top with six safety pins (it was too small, my milk had come in and my boobs had grown two cup sizes overnight).  I figured someone at the maternity shop should have told me about this and suggested better clothes - and the idea grew from there."

Seeing a gap in the market for new mothers who prefer to avoid the almost disposable (and, for the most part, neither breastfeeding-friendly nor office-friendly) clothing that dominates today's maternity fashions, Diane set out to create a more sustainable approach to building an easy, elegant and functional wardrobe during this important stage in a woman's life. 

A self-taught designer, Diane developed this collection with a certain mom in mind:  one who wants a quality of clothes beyond the mass market, and wants inspired pieces that work throughout new motherhood.

We'd love to hear what you think!  Feel free to reach out directly - just follow the "Contact Us" link below. We're a small start-up and may take a few days to get back to you, but we will! 


~Team Kinwolfe


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